Welcome to Dream In The Woods!

My name is Chris and I have been chasing this little wood working dream of mine for a couple of years now and could not be more thankful to put my heart into something I love doing.

I am an Air Force vet and my business partner just so happens to be my beautiful wife/ high school sweetheart, Lauren. We have two amazing children, one current high schooler, Anija, that we were blessed to be able to adopt when she was five, and a little energetic one year old, Link, whom feels he doesn’t need to sleep at night. 

Every piece that we design, and build has countless hours and thought poured into it. When we make anything, whether furniture, wall art, or even a coaster, our goal is to always lead with intricate details and the creativeness that will set us apart. Our style has always been elegant with a somewhat vintage feel. We are always up for a challenge and love working with our clients to turn ideas into pieces of art.

If you have any thoughts, questions, need a quote, or need anything at all please know you can always shoot us a message. We look forward to hearing / working with you.

-Chris and Lauren